Volume 20 Issue 2
A European Look


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2024 Q1 January - March 10th Anniversary in Space Journalism (Space Ops - SOSTC): Developing Propulsion
40th Anniversary of FSLP and the Amazing John W. Young
Astrobotic the First Commercial Moon-Company
China’s Reusable SpacePlane ‘Shenlong’
First German Sea Launch Expected in 2024
Poll Results 2023
SLIM: Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (JAXA)
XRISM: X-Ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission (JAXA)
Q2 April - June A European Look at Artemis and its Lunar Gateway
China's AI Robot Produces Oxygen for Mars Mission
Development of an actionable AI roadmap for automating mission operations
JSOC Prepares to Move to AI Support
Landing Site Selection on the Moon: AI Role
OSIRIS Rex Sample Return and Preliminary Results
Reflections on Challenges of Human long-term Missions
SCopEx Final Report
The First Commercial Lunar Services Program and Jeff Koons
The German-French Rover IDEFIX on its way to the Martian Moon Phobos
2023 Q1 January - March China’s Tiangong Space Station (CSS) and Mengtian Dreaming of Heaven
Dark Matter - Resolved?
Europe’s Hermes 2.0 Smart Upper Stage for Innovative Exploration (SUSIE)
Galileo, Death of a Satellite
On the Radiation Shielding of Autonomous Spacecraft Intended for Artemis Camp D
Poll Results 2022
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics —Teaching Space Weather Stud
The Lunar Space Elevator, a Near-Term Means to Reduce Cost of Lunar Access
Q2 April - June European - Mexican Space Cooperation Agreement Signed.
Follow-up on the Geoengineering SCoPEx Experiment
How can the Chinese Space Station become a Home in Space for all Mankind
In-Space Assembly of the Gateway-Lunar Surface Development and Protection: Luna
Lunar Dust Mitigation and ARTEMIS Mission Operations
Mobile Procedure Viewer for Astronauts
Permanent Crewed MARS Base by 2030
Space and Turkey
Taking a Good Measure of the Sun – the Helios Pioneers
The Rocket Factory Augsburg - RFA
Q3 July - September Apollo-14 Moon Trees and more Space Plants
International Solar Power Space Race? China Plans a 1 GigaWatt Solar Plant
Lunar Operations: On the Technology Acceptance of Robotics
Shoemaker-Levy Comet Crash and Consequences
What happened to the Mars One Mission?
Who Owns the Moon and its Resources?
Without a Doubt: AI Models Projecting Climate Change
Q4 October - December Avatar Works at Columbus Control Center
China Accomplished Vertical Rocket Landing at Sea
China’s Space Station Operations Concept
From HMI to AI: Operations Complexity with Lunar In-Space Assembly
Lyrics and other Human Messages to the Unknown.
Moon and Mars Test Site for Robotic Missions
On the Governance of Early Lunar Operations: Solving
Status of Breakthrough Starshot Initiative and Manifesto
Teaching High School Physics in Space Weather Studies
2022 Q1 January - March A Machine Learning Solution for Satellite Health and Safety Monitoring
Artemis Base Camp
Commercial Start-Up Company Wins 11 Mio ESA Launcher Contract
History of Russia – India – China (RIC) Strategic Alliance
James Webb Telescope Launch Kit
KISS meets Cosmos
Poll Results 2021
Safety Management II: Risk mitigation of geospatial threats
Q2 April - June Cubesat-based infrared lunar astronomy: In search of water-ice signatures
Electric Solar Wind Sail In-Space Propulsion Status Report and Demonstrations
Extraterrestrial safety: On the management of Artemis Mission
Finland in Space
Kitesurfing the White Wilderness for Polar Science
OPS-SAT: FDIR Design on a Mission that Expects Bugs - and Lots of Them
Transforming Agriculture in Africa by John Lewis Head of New Ventures
Q3 July - September “Moon Landing” performed by Test Pilot Roberto Vittori
E-DRS Connects Astronauts directly with Europe
ESA Investigates Cultured Meat as Novel Space Food
Hybrid-Equivalences while Coupling Anomalistic with Draconitic Satellite Motion
Next Generation Space Operations: Accelerate, Change, Expand Platforms
SKYLAB The first US Space Station
The Disclosure Milieu in the Space Operations Community: An ISOW 2022 Review
Ukraine in Space
Q4 October - December Chinas Human Spaceflight Program Turns 30
Developing Lunar Robotic Swarm Operations
ESA/NASA Re-ignite Space-Based Solar Power
Project Lyra: Sending a Spacecraft to 1I/Oumuamua
Space Tourism as Russian Roulette?
The Incredible Story of the Small Scientific Satellite S3
Towards a Quantum Spacecraft Operations Centre
2021 Q1 January - March An actuarial modifier for underwriting OOS satellite insurance: Space debris mit
Astronauts Beyond Human
Columbus Operations in the Time of Corona
Corona Virus 2020 Impacts on Space Exploration
Euclid Science Ground Segment (SGS) Processing Operations Concept
Poll Results 2020
Q2 April - June Emirates Mars Mission – Al Amal Overview
End-to-End Simulation of On-Orbit-Servicing
ESA Commissions World’s first Space Debris Removal Contract
Safety Management of Geospatial Threats of Space Weatherrn Intrusion
Status of Galileo Commercial Applications
Q3 July - September Best Papers of SpaceOps Conference 2021
Diamond Dust in the Sky_SCoPEx
Israel in Space – Current Status_e-mail Interview
STEM: Teaching Particle Physics in Space Weather Studies
STEM: Teaching Space Science of Extraterrestrial Development and Defense
The Pioneers: Rolf Mamen – A Life for Space down to Earth.
Venµs Image Quality monitoring
Q4 October - December A Smallsat Proposal for Ocean Worlds Program.
China 2021: Space Glimpses
Chinese Space History 1956 - 1978
Lunar Roadmap to Propellant Production on the Moon: A New Ocean World Proposal .
Test Bench for Ops Training (Best Student Papers, SpaceOps Conference 2021)
2020 Q1 January - March A SpaceOps Journal Readers Satisfaction Review
SpaceOps Member Profile - GMV INSYEN
SpaceOps Member Profile - Malaysian Space Agency (MYSA)
SpaceOps Member Profile - Qwaltec
SpaceOps Poll Results for 2019
WorkShop Overview - Laser Communications
WS Paper 1 - Photonics on the Mission to Mars
WS Paper 2 - Radiation Testing, Characterization and Qualification Challenges f
WS Paper 3 - NASAs Optical Communications Programs
Q2 April - June A-Train Data Depot - Bringing Atmospheric Measurements Together
An Overview of NASA TROPICS Applications
Freeman Dyson, Gregory Benford: Where are we in 34 Years?
Instrument Modeling Concepts for Constellations
Stephen Hawkings Legacy Project Starshot
WS Overview: Satellite Constellations
Q3 July - September American Launch: SpaceX Dragon-2 Demo Flight
Chinese DAMPE Satellite delivers some evidence of Dark Matter
Corona Virus 2020 Impacts on Space Exploration
Evolving On-orbit Smallsat Ecosystem
NOAA Satellite Mission Remains Strong Amid COVID-19
Q4 October - December Bruce McCandless and “Bavaria One“
Concept of Operations for the Gateway
Isar-Aerospace begins production of launch vehicles
Notional Satellite Architectures of Military (GEO-Earth) vs Space Exploration (
The Pioneers: Jack Parsons’s Significance for JPL
2019 Q1 January - March 2018 Poll Results
ASTRO-Park at Oberpfaffenhofen, Bavaria
EuCropis - Tomatoes in Space
The Decade of Light - Innovations in Space Communications
The Local Coverage Diagram, A Tool for Satellite Orbit Analysis
Two Mars Analogue Test Facilities
Q2 April - June Handbook of SpaceTechnology
QUESS Operations at Chinese Space Science Mission Center
Thin Film Solar Arrays
Q3 July - September CSA-WS Workshop 2019 (Montreal) Summary
CSA-WS 1 Strategies to Maximize Science Data Availability for the GOES-R Series
CSA-WS 2 Science and Technology (S&T) Roadmap Collaboration between SMC, NASA,
CSA-WS 3 NASAs Marshall Space Flight Center Recent Studies and Technology Devel
CSA-WS 4 User Needs and Advances in Space PPT
Q4 October - December A SPECIAL ISSUE: Improving Space Operations Workshop (May 03-05, 2019), Part I.
Challenges in the Verification of Reinforcement Learning Algorithms
Flying Drones Beyond Visual Line of Sight Using 4G LTE: Issues and Concerns
Integrated System Health Management (ISHM) and Autonomy
2018 Q1 January - March 2017 Poll Summary
German Ground Station Weilheim (ZDBS) 50 Years of Operations
The SUPVIS Justin Mars Experiment To Mars via ISS
Q2 April - June Homage to Guenter Wendt
The Amazing Story of Sergei Kirkalev - The last Soviet Cosmonaut
Three Top Columbus Laboratory Scientific Results after 10 Years in Orbit
Q3 July - September 25 Anniversary D-2: Science in Space
SpaceOps Conference Best Papers 2018 Overview
The Global Launch Vehicle Armada for Human Spaceflight (May 2018)
The Pioneers: Future Made in Munich
Q4 October - December SpaceOps Best Topic Papers Summary 2006 to 2018
TerraSAR-X makes Antarctica a Better Place
The amazing story of the first Afghan Spaceman
The Birds, which twitter with the ISS
2017 Q1 January - March Galileo Constellation Operations, Training and Simulations
GPS Precise Relative Positioning of Formation Flying Satellites
In the Footsteps of Columbus
MBRSP (Dubai) Presentation to SpaceOps (Nov. 2016)
Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever? (D. Eggers
HE Space Seeks First German Female Astronaut: Die Astronautin
Nine Years of SOLAR Experiment Operations on ISS
The Significance of DLR/ESA MIR Missions for Columbus 20the Anniversary of MIR
Q3 July - September A Homage for Hermann Oberth
Lutz Kayser Op-Ed: Global Internet for Everyone on the Planet using LEO Routers
SpaceOps 2016 Post Conference Book Review - Space Operations: Contributions from
Teaser for the SpaceOps 2016 Conference Book: Future Mars Exploration Operationa
Q4 October - December New SpaceOps Member Introduction: DLR GfR
New SpaceOps Member Introduction: Goonhilly Earth Station
Settlement of Moon vs. Mars
Time Capsule: Carl Sagan, Alexander Gerst and the ISS.
2016 Q1 January - March ACES Operations: an ISS External Scientific Payload
Einstein on the ISS
First Man: The Life of Neil Armstrong
Q2 April - June Rectlinear Motion: A Basis for the Adaptation of Arbitrary Motion
Spooky Interaction - Experiment on the ISS (Space-QUEST)
There's no Space like Home
Q3 July - September A Way Around the Volcanic Ash Cloud
SOFIA – It’s Alive
The almost forgotten Mission of K.D. Flade: MIR 92
The Kelly Story - One Year in Space
The Right Staff - Voyager Operations
Q4 October - December Assess-2 Germany's Early Participation in Spacelab Preparatory Activities
Radar Based System for Space Situational Awareness
The Pale Red Dot - A Renewed Dream
The Success of the ROTEX Spacelab D2 Experiments
Ulf Merbold - European Space Pioneer
2015 Q1 January - March 2014 Poll Review
Current Status of Space Tether Experiments
Q2 April - June Alexander Gerst Interview
Gravitation and Quantum Mechanics Satellite Applications (Excerpt)
Q3 July - September George Todd (DLR) turns 90 - One Space-Life and two others
GIOTTO, an Artificial Asteroid Probing the Coma of Comet P/Haley. Herbert Porsch
Google X-Prize Status
The Circle will Now be Closed, Finally (On the Inability to Adapt Circular Motio
Q4 October - December EUROMIR 20th Anniversary
Galileo Operations
2014 Q1 January - March 2013: Last Year's Poll Results Analysis
On-orbit Servicing:Telepresence and the DEOS Simulator.
The European Data Relay System
Q2 April - June A Design Proposal for Asaph-1: A Human Mission to Phobos*)
A Taxonomy of Uplink Planning & Sequencing Architectures for 16 Successful Space
Fictitious discussion between Helios and Solar Probe Plus (SPP) Mission- and Spa
Putting Human Cognition and Awareness on Other Worlds*)
Q3 July - September Public Telescope
SpaceOps2014 Post Conference Book Selections *)
Sven Grahn: The last OTRAG rocket - launched from Esrange
The HElIOS Celestial Mechanics Experiment (E-11)
Q4 October - December OTRAG - A Low Cost Rocket (update)
Planck Satellite: Cosmic Inflation
The Helios 1 and 2 Solarwind Experiment Results
The HELIOS Mission, Sun-days of German Spaceflight (40th Anniversary)
Where are the Agencies Human Space Flight (HFR) Programs Heading?
2013 Q1 January - March 2012 Poll Results
End of Life Procedures for Low Earth Orbit Air Force Missions: CloudSat and TacS
ROSAT and Dark Matter
Q2 April - June Commercial Space Mining
Interaction of Meteorites
TSX/TDX Achievements and Team Performance
Q3 July - September China's first Lunar Rover *)
Medical Mission Control Planning and Operations for a Manned Stratospheric Fligh
PTS Commercial View
PTS Presentation: Commercialization Aspects (#rp13)
Q4 October - December 15 Years ISS Operations
30 Years FSLP
Mischief at Michoud
Radiation biology experiments in Columbus
2012 Q1 January - March 2011 SpaceOps News Poll Results Analysis
A Hole in Texas
DLR Supports PTS for the Google Lunar X-Price
European Space Elevator Challenge (EuSEC)
SpaceOps2010_Book Review
Q2 April - June GSAW 2012 Workshop Proceedings
Q3 July - September 135 STS Missions in 30 Years
Mission Operations Preparation Environment: A new approach for the future *)
The ISS Crew Onboard Safety Actions - Analysis of the Acquired Experience *)
Q4 October - December A University-developed Comprehensive Open-architecture Space Mission Operations
Automating Mid- and Long-Range Scheduling for NASA’s Deep Space Network *)
Commercial Collaboration For Collision Avoidance and Flight Operations *)
Consideration of Space Debris Mitigation Requirements in the Operation of LEO Mi
EDRS Operations at GSOC- relevant heritage and new developments *)
Efficacy of the Dawn Vesta Science Plan *)
Exchanging the central Storage System during Operations *)
Gamification for Astronaut Training *)
Innovative Rover Operations Concepts – Autonomous Planner (IRONCAP) – Suppor
Multi-Mission Operator Training Practices *)
NASA Space Launch System Operations *)
Operations for parallel satellite support *)
Optical Communication Link *)
Organization of a Notional Lunar Mining Site *)
Simplify ISS Flight Control Communications and Log Keeping via Social Tools and
SpaceOps2012 Conference
TDX-TSX - On-board autonomy and FDIR of whispering brothers *)
Ten Times more information in your Real-Time TM *)
The Keys to Successful Extended Missions *)
The Operations of China’s First Lunar Rover *)
Timeline as Unifying Concept for Spacecraft Operations *)
2011 Q1 January - March 2010 Poll Analysis.asp
DECLIC: Clocks up one Year in Orbit *)
Space Technology Handbook
Tools for Creation of Just-in-time 3D Procedural Simulations *)
Q2 April - June Decision Support Tool *)
HTV2 Departure from the ISS and Reentry *)
The Traveller's Guide to Commercial Spaceflight
Q3 July - September ATV Jules Verne: a Step by Step Approach for the In-Orbit Demonstration of New R
Commercial Spaceflight-u2 (incl. CCDev2)
Cryosat-2: DORIS Instrument *)
Promising Results from the Customization of the Commanding and Monitoring Framew
Q4 October - December Bang, Whoosh, Silence: Letter
2010 Q1 January - March 2010_Qutr1_SpaceOpsNews_u1
Cardiomed to Take the Pulse of Astronauts *)
SapceOps meets Science: WAICO
SICSDA: An Adaptive Configurable Distributed S/W *)
Q2 April - June Commercial Spaceflight
Q3 July - September Coal Fire Research
Using Measures of Effectiveness to Analze and Improve MO *)
Q4 October - December Human Spaceflight
2009 Q1 January - March Gladden SpaceOps 2008 Paper *)
Q2 April - June SpacePort Sweden_SSC
Q3 July - September Internet in Space Testing
Internet in Space Testing
The 2009 Class of ESA Astronauts
Q4 October - December 2009q4-spaceopsnews_U1.asp
German Lunar XPrize Team
International Collaboration to Mitigate Space Debris *)
2008 Q1 January - March 2008Q1_SOC_Maldari
Columbus Launched Finally!
Q2 April - June Exploded in Space!
Q3 July - September SpaceOps2008 News & Best Papers
Q4 October - December An Interplanetary Internet
Enabling Autonomous Science for Mars Rover *)
METEOSAT 2G: Automated Procedures Execution...
Operational CA for LEO Satellites at CNES *)
Use of Virtualization Techniques for GDS *)
2007 Q3 July - September 2007Q3_SOC_Clarke
Bigelow: Commerce meets Fiction
Q4 October - December 2007Q4_huygens_anomaly
NOAA-14 Tumble Anomaly *)
2006 Q3 July - September Managing Satellites' End of Life *)
Q4 October - December Intelligent Control For Spacecraft Autonomy: An Industry Survey
Safely Integrating Space Operations Into The National Airspace System *)
2005 Q2 April - June Developing the Future Air and Space Transportation System Through Interagency Pa
Geospace Traffic Management
Organizational Accidents: A Primer (D. Fuller) *)
2004 Q1 January - March Sound Off: On the Media (Devereux)
Q4 October - December Space Must Be Settled, Not Just Explored
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space Ops