Volume 16 Issue 4
WS Improving Operations Part 1


Workshops & Seminars

From the Editor-in Chief

This quarterly issue of The Communicator is dedicated to the recapture of ideas from technical papers presented and discussed during the recent “Improving Space Operations Workshop” in Santa Clara, CA, May 03-05, 2019. In addition to long-term 5th generation wireless networking, the forum included topics on current space communication and navigation initiatives, alternative communication technologies, spacecraft monitoring systems. Risk mitigation of data losses with anomaly detection and fault diagnosis indicated more efficient telemetry analysis using learning algorithms. Automated data processing and integration of multiple knowledge domains enable intelligent systems to manage multi-failure responses. Just as importantly discussed, pre-launch mission planning and project management of multiple system operations to sustain and protect communications and navigation were topics discussed emphasizing a required advancement of technologies and smart implementation of their respective applications. A future quarterly issue will be dedicated for its overview. Impressive with the workshop presenters was the fact they were all subject matter experts having been intimately engaged in both the trials and successes of what they presented at the workshop. Providing an overview of the workshop forum has been a personal beneficial opportunity to conceptualize distinct topics into a composite construct showing a contemporary outlook on space operations. Thank you, readers.

Ronald H. Freeman, PhD

The 16th International Conference
Space Operations 2020

18-22 May 2020

Hosted by:
South African National Space Agency (SANSA)
Location: Cape Town International Convention Centre,
Cape Town, South Africa

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