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From the Editor-in-Chief

Dear Readers,

The year 2024 has special meaning for SpaceOps and SOSTC (of AIAA): the 20th Anniversary that a cooperation agreement (May, 2004) was signed between the SOSTC and SpaceOps Organization. Liaison positions were established between the SOSTC and the International Committee on Technical Interchange for Space Mission Operations and Ground Data System per “SpaceOps and AIAA-SOSTC Co-Operations Agreement”. Also, in 2004, the AIAA and SOSTC signed agreements to include joint sponsorship of the Space Operations Journal and Communicator.

The absence of a dedicated peer-reviewed journal was keenly felt throughout the space operations industry for much of its history. Efforts to fill this gap included a short-lived print journal in the 1960s and efforts made by SpaceOps founders in 1994 to utilize the Electronic Publishing System (EPS) Internet to publish papers from biannual SpaceOps conferences. Although papers were published in other journals, they most often carried a fee, which was a concern expressed by readers and authors alike. It wasn’t until 2003 that Space Operations and Support Technical Committee (SOSTC) garnered support and seed funding from its parent organization, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), to create an Internet-based journal, at the time called the Space Operations Communicator. Soon after, the first founding sponsor, the ASRC Aerospace Corporation, provided funding to begin building the Journal of Space Operations Communicator. What was desired, however, was a journal that was global in both its reader and authorship. It was at SOSTC Spring 2004 Workshop that plans to host a journal drew the attention of the SpaceOps Committee in attendance, confiding a similar ambition. Shortly thereafter the two groups resolved to jointly publish what was to become not only the world’s premier peer-reviewed, online technical journal for space operations but one that escaped the bonds of traditional print periodicals. Now readers may access timely and relevant papers whenever and wherever they happened to be and at no cost. Congratulations, Journal of Space Operations & Communicator 20th Anniversary!

Ronald H. Freeman, PhD
January 1, 2024

Journal of Space Operations & Communicator, a quarterly online publication, serves as a forum for those involved in the space operations field to communicate with one another, share ideas and information that improve the way operations are carried out in space. The Journal is a crossdisciplinary scholarly publication designed to advance space communication as a profession and as an academic discipline. The Journal is distributed electronically without charge to users on a global basis. JSOC contains peer-reviewed articles, comments and case notes written by leading scientists, professors, and practitioners in their respective fields of aerospace expertise. The editorial board seeks articles that demonstrate exemplary academic research of emerging trends in space technology and space operations fields.

Workshops & Seminars

2024 Workshop Preparation
“Museum Toulouse” Toulouse, France

CNES, the French Space Agency, will host the next SpaceOps workshop scheduled to take place June 18 - 20, 2024. This biannual event, which takes place in between the SpaceOps conferences, aims to explore new subjects, new paradigms, new issues related to space systems operations.To learn more about this event, contact the organizers:

SpaceOps Logo The 2025 SpaceOps Conference
will take place 26-30 May 2025
in Montreal/Canada.
The venue will be published soon.

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The  "Journal" solicits papers and technical articles on all relevant matters of space operations for online publication. On request the "Journal's"  international Peer Review team will review your paper according to AIAA standards. Please contact: Joachim J. Kehr, Editor SpaceOps News joachimkehr@aol.com
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